Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday & I Can't Wait.....

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait........ for my suitcase to miraculously pack itself. Okay, so I know that will never happen but one can dream right??

So we're leaving for NZ on Thursday (very early!!) and my suitcase still isn't packed. I sat down to do it yesterday before the boy got home and it was a disaster. I need to pack warm things (obviously) that are both comfortable, and practical but also things I wouldn't be ashamed to wear in public.
Having said that though, I have not been able to find a cute rainjacket, so if it rains in NZ I'm going to have to wear the boys raincoat which is about 4 sizes too big for me. I told him I'd rather wear a ladybug poncho than be seen dead in some of the female raincoats that are around at the moment. Please God no rain when we're in NZ, please!!

So I bought some new jeans (bargain mind you for $30 a pair at Big W, and they are oh so comfy) and I'm also going to pack these comfy black pants I bought from Rivers. But apparently 3 pairs of jeans is excessive. I didn't think so, but the boy did. I decided to pack some jumpers for everyday wear and some nicer ones for if/when we go to a nice place to eat. That's fine, I think I have that sorted out, but the boy thinks two pairs of pj's is excessive!!!!

I nearly fell over when he told me I'm only allowed one pair of pj's (my cute sheep one's since we're going to NZ, I thought that was appropriate!!). So I tried bargaining with him.... it went a little like this.....

ME: One pair of pj's.... I'm only allowed one pair of pj's???

HIM: Well of course we will be washing our clothes at some point during the trip, besides, look at how much room flannelette pj's take up.

ME: Well I guess they are quite bulky. How about I trade you? I'll leave one pair of pj's behind but I get to pack extra jumpers!

HIM: Extra jumpers? You've already packed 6 jumpers, 8 long sleeve shirts and 3 scarves I think you've got enough packed for this 13 day trip. If anything you need a raincoat. How did the shopping for a rainjacket go today?

So after that comment I quit.... I tipped all my clothes back into my suitcase (not folded or anything) and told him he could pack for me!!!

Then I woke up this morning to a lovely note saying:
"Don't do too much packing without me... it's just soooo much fun packing together!!"

Oh boy, it's going to be a long 13 day driving holiday!!