Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worry Wart?

Well I've just finished at the GP and he's given me Xmas day off. He wants me to have some bloods taken, just folate, iron and vitamin b12. I've also lost another 2 kgs. So 7kgs all up.

He also tried to listen to bub's heartbeat with a doppler and couldn't find it. He was scanning right near my pubic hair... I thought bub's at this stage (12 1/2weeks) would be up further? When I had my dating scan they scanned just below my belly button.

He said he's not concerned about not hearing the heartbeat as it's a bit hit and miss at this stage in terms of finding a heartbeat with a doppler. But he has me all worried now.

I'm still having pregnancy symptoms: sore veiny boobs, nausea, no bleeding, pregnancy pimples, a little bump. But now I'm worried and wish I had of told him not to scan with the doppler. I wish I could have a peek at bub's and make sure that they're okay. We don't have a scan now until the morphology scan which is just under 6 weeks away. I hope that time goes by quickly, but more than anything I hope Squirt was just being naughty and hiding from the doctor.


***Amy*** said...

It's awful, isn't it? I was always nervous when they couldn't find my babys heartbeat...even at 37 weeks! They couldn't find it because he was kicking so hard and squirming around so much, and yet I was still a nervous wreck.

Mummy worry starts early! This is a new feeling, but it won't be an uncommon one :)

Zoey said...

Try not to worry too much, they couldn't find my baby's heartbeat with a doppler till around 16 weeks, and I found that my GP would scan quite low for me throughout my whole pregnancy- and definitely at 12 weeks.. I think I remember my midwife telling me that at that stage the uterus was only just protruding above the pubic bone.

Your brain can totally drive you crazy while you're pregnant -- some days you really have focus on not letting it. And whatever you do - stay away from google!!!!