Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dreaded Two Week Wait

I honestly hate the two week wait (TWW). Every twinge and pain is magnified and I honestly feel like I can't do anything to improve our chances of creating a miracle. We made love at the 'right' times and I even laid with my legs in the air and a pillow under my bum just so the little spermie swimmers could get a helping hand in finding the egg. I have been trying to stay positive and let the universe know 'that we are ready and willing to accept a child into our lives'. But oh it's so hard sometimes.

I've been trying to keep busy this last week or so (I'm 10 days past ovulation and desperately trying to restrain myself from testing until AF is a week late..... so only 11 days to go) but it's so hard. I have had immense back ache for the last 5 days or so (thank God for wheat packs) and this morning I got the highest ever temperature in the 3 months we've been trying to conceive. These things coupled with the fact that I feel off in the stomach gets my hopes up that we are pregnant.

But last cycle I had myself convinced that we were pregnant and we know how that ended. My dreams were crushed and I was crying like a sissy girl.

BLAH!!! The dreaded TWW! Oh how I hate you. I have my fingers crossed that we've timed our baby making sessions right, that sperm met egg and that there is a little bubba being made as we speak.


Zoey said...

Oh I so know what you mean. I hated that two week wait also. Funnily enough, the month we fell pregnant (9th cycle of TTC) was the first month that I didn't temp, didn't obsess and just had fun with my husband for a change. The day I found out I was pregnant, I woke up convinced that I had my period and woke up my husband in tears. He told me to take a pregnancy test to the toilet anyway, and low and behold, the two most beautiful lines I ever did see!!!

I hope this is your last two week wait.

But if not... just think how cool it would be to conceive your baby in New Zealand!!
Zoey x