Friday, June 17, 2011

Parenting a Toddler

The little guy is one in less then two weeks (EEKK!!) and can I just say.... this parenting a toddler busy is tough work.

Hubby has been away for 2 days for work.

The other night was a super long day. Malachi had been awake since 130pm.

Had dinner at 530pm. Became hysterical when I tried to tell him he has one spoon and Mummy has one spoon. Sobbing, gasping for air, tears rolling down his face etc. Got him out of his highchair, calmed him down. Put him back in his highchair where he decided to smear food everywhere, or just drop it on the floor.

Went upstairs to run his bath. I could hear him whinging downstairs so was taking my sweet ass time.

Came downstairs and saw him CRAWLING on our table. Yep, that's right. I didn't strap him in so he managed to wiggle his butt out of the highchair.

Soooooo lucky he didn't smash anything or fall off the table onto the tiles!

I'm trying to teach him that there are things he can do, and things he can't do.
The only problem is, he's not too keen on being told what to do.

Yesterday was a prime example.

* Pulls my hair *

Me: No Malachi, we don't pull Mummy's hair. That really hurts Mummy. We be gentle to each other.

Malachi: Bursts into tears and sobs hysterically.

Me: Picks him up and comforts him.

Malachi: Starts to pull hair again. Sigh.

And the other thing I'm struggling with.... the chaos a toddler creates.

I feel like all I do all day is try and keep the house somewhat tidy, just to have him come through and mess it all up again. I do not like vacuuming twice in one day!

I know we don't have the cleanest, tidiest house in the street. But I like a house of order. And I'm really struggling to keep on top of it all.

So I would love some parenting tips from those Mummas who have toddlers!



Amy said...

Wow, one! It's hard, I remember some chronic tantrums around the age 1 point- he's a little over 2 now and it is a bit easier because he's got words to use, instead of just getting continually frustrated.

Re: cleaning the house- I take it in rooms. There's always several rooms that look like WW3 exploded in there, but I always make sure there is one, nice, clean room I can escape to at any given point. Mondays is the kitchen, Tuesdays is our Bedroom, Wednesdays is the toddlers room- you get the point!

You'll do great at this! :) Just keep your head up, This Too Shall Pass.

Loz said...

Put the vacuum down. Now. While you're at it, hide the supermum cape. I have very nearly sent myself to the looney bin all in aid of having clean floors. It is just impossibe, I can assure you!

Emily is the same, full blown tears .. just because for some crazy reason.. I actually don;t like to have my eyes poked out
They are testing the see what they are. then they test them check. Hard nuts to crack, these toddlers!

Like amy said, I tackle one room at a time. days for certain jobs. Not try and aim for martha stewart standards.

You are doing just awesome x

MultipleMum said...

There is so much going on in your little guy's brain at the moment. So much learning and changing, he is all over the place! It will get a little easier once he can communicate verbally. In the meantime, stick to a routine as best you can and give him a choice between two things. They need to feel in control! x